Every Amber Rose Has Its Thorn.

Smirnoff just came out with a new line of vodka called Fluffed and Whipped“. It’s apparently named after marshmellows and whipped cream… Appetizing?

Apart from the vomit-enducing flavours, Smirnoff decided to choose the epitome of class and elegance for their spokesperson: Miss Amber Rose.

Out of all people to represent your brand, why in the world would you choose somebody who usually drinks Jägermeister/Red Bull? The only reason that I can think of is that Smirnoff needed someone who could square off against Svedka’s spokeperson.

Touché, Smirnoff, touché.


One response to “Every Amber Rose Has Its Thorn.

  1. ;ust wanted to say you always make me laugh!!!! Love u!

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