G. O. Please.

Republican presidential Tim Pawlenty is a fan of Lady Gaga. Just ask him.

Or, let him ask you, rather.

Skip to the 1:45 mark for awkwardness.

OK 1). These girls are idiots. If you think you can deal then watch the whole interview. They are like political groupies.

2). The girl on the right. Oh god, the girl on the right.

3). Blondie’s laugh. It sounds like someone is holding a pillow over Fran Drescher’s face while she is gargling water. (Also, “Glory” isn’t a song. GET IT RIGHT).

4). Pawlenty liking Bad Romance based upon the “beat”, going into description about the Gaga HBO special he clearly watched, and somehow turning it all into a political statement?

Why do I feel like we have a future Larry Craig situation on our hands?


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