Hello My Little Monsters.

The Monster Ball Tour last night in San Diego, CA.



Only justifies more how talented she really is.

Click to see setlist and more pictures.


  1. Dance In The Dark
  2. Just Dance
  3. Love Game
  4. Alejandro
  5. Monster
  6. So Happy I Could Die
  7. Teeth
  8. Speechless
  9. Poker Face (acoustic)
  10. The Fame
  11. Money Honey
  12. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  13. Boys Boys Boys
  14. Paper Gangster
  15. Poker Face
  16. Paparazzi
  17. Eh Eh (Not Else I Can Say)
  18. Bad Romance

She was brilliant. Not only did she dance to every song alongside her dancers, but she also played the piano and keytar. Her voice was incredible, and so was the entire show.

My favourite songs she performed were Alejandro, Speechless, Poker Face acoustic, and Bad Romance.

Speechless and Poker Face were beautiful because it was just her voice and nothing else.

I’m glad she closed with Bad Romance, because there was so much anticipation with the crowd. As soon as we heard the “Woooo Ohhhh Oh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh…”, everyone went INSANE.


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